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Annalisa chierici fotografa di matrimoni a ferrara

Hello, I'm Annalisa

Annalisa chierici fotografa di matrimoni a ferrara

Nice to meet you! I’m a Italian photographer who likes vintage style, I have a degree in fine arts and I collect antique cameras and old photographs on glass. I love traditions and spontaneous portraits, where the gestures hide memories and genetics. Photography is my communication channel, and trough it I express my vision, combining images and words. Reportage allows me to capture genuinely the stories, telling them trough the colors oh the films, because of this my style has luminous, natural and sature tones. The details of a story enriches the significance, and in those details I search beauty and authenticity, tho transform every story in a tale.


My logo is Frida Kahlo because she followed me during all the phases of my personal growth. She taught me that the complete acceptance of self and our own limits, transform every defect in a distinctive element and often a point of strength. Everyone should bring out the Frida inside ourselves! All of this is evident in every my portrait session.


My preference for spontaneity makes my work style discreet, I stay behind the scenes capturing the intimacy of your wedding moments, without interfering or taking your time. I love natural light and moving fast, hence I use inconspicuous gear. I don’t use often controlled light to respect the atmosfere you chose for your wedding. The vivid locations and intimate ceremonies are for me source of great inspiration… greenhouses, gardens, beaches, wild woods and little antique villages are the places I like most. If you want to discover if we are made one for the other, take a look at the Gallery and get inspired.

My photo studio is in Ferrara, but if your story is elsewhere, write me and I will be happy to tell it..

Annalisa chierici fotografa di matrimoni a ferrara

"Be yourself and smile!"

My photo shoots are published on blogs and photography and wedding magazines like Valentina Crociani – Wedding & Lifestyle newsNozze care nozze,  Iso400, Dodici Lune edizioni discografiche e musicali

I’m a professional photographer and services provider on Matrimonio.com, Martha’s Cottage, My Wed, Guidasposi.it, Lemienozze.it.

The shoots on this page are from Marco Caselli Myotis
The black and white model is my border collie Kodak ♥
Vintage dress, shoes Lotta From Stockholm, hear rings Complice, Cameras Lomography and vintage.